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German Shepherd is Confused About a Talking Husky

This German Shepherd uses the famous doggie head-tilt when confronted with a talking Husky... so, so cute!

Puppies | Views : 4,372 | Posted on 06/20/2012

Clever Dog Does the Unbelievable to Get Onto a Table

You won't believe your eyes when you see what this dog does to get up onto the counter for a treat... this is quite the smart pooch.

Puppies | Views : 2,620 | Posted on 06/18/2012

Brave Kitten Tries Jumping Onto the Couch for the First Time

This kitten wasn't too successful on his first attempt to jump onto the couch, but we're sure he is going to try, try again! Good luck cutie!

Kittens | Views : 2,894 | Posted on 06/18/2012

Feeding Baby Raccoons

You shouldn't interact with wild animals... but we're glad that these people befriended some baby raccoons - they are so adorable!

Animals | Views : 2,613 | Posted on 06/17/2012

Call Me Maybe - Sang by a Corgi

They should probably change the title of this song to 'Bark Me Maybe!' This is such a cute cover of this song!

Puppies | Views : 2,849 | Posted on 06/16/2012

Baby Says His First Word and His Mom Goes Insane

We aren't too sure who is more excited ... the baby or the mom! You have to check out this mom's insane reaction. :)

Kids | Views : 2,993 | Posted on 06/16/2012

Cute Bulldog Puppies Chase After Their Mom

Most litters are probably a handful... but this herd of puppies is just overwhelming with cuteness! :)

Puppies | Views : 4,969 | Posted on 06/14/2012

Smart Puppy Plays Fetch With Herself

Penny is one smart puppy... she doesn't need no stinkin' humans to play fetch with her! :)

Puppies | Views : 2,920 | Posted on 06/13/2012

Rescued Kittens Get Their Very First Bath

These poor kittens might not have liked this bath very much, but they sure needed it! Poor sweethearts!

Kittens | Views : 3,744 | Posted on 06/13/2012

Kitten and Bunny Wrestle Together

Aww, it's absolutely impossible for these guys to be ferocious! Adorable!

Kittens | Views : 2,793 | Posted on 06/13/2012

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