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Just a Dog Having a Great Day

Watching animals have fun is so heartwarming! This dog wants nothing else than to just play around in his personal pool. LOL, what a ham!

Puppies | Views : 2,562 | Posted on 06/12/2012

Adorable Lizard Just Wants to Cuddle

Most people don't think lizards are very cute... but this one will prove you wrong! All he wants to do is cuddle with his Boston Terrier friend... aww!

Puppies | Views : 3,785 | Posted on 06/12/2012

Meet the World's Cutest Puppy

Once you see this cute puppy, your heart will melt and you'll have the biggest smile on your face. We guarantee it!

Puppies | Views : 4,741 | Posted on 06/07/2012

The Cat Nap That Lasted Forever

One comfortable kitten absolutely refused to wake up from his cat nap... and this is what happened. =)

Kittens | Views : 5,056 | Posted on 06/07/2012

Hamlet the Mini Pig's Trip Down the Stairs

We're not sure if anything could be more adorable than this brave miniature pig! Hamlet is willing to do anything for this

Animals | Views : 6,691 | Posted on 06/06/2012

German Shepherd Takes a Nap With His Owner

Even though this doggie bed is a little on the small side, we don't think this German Shepherd minds sharing it with his master. :)

Puppies | Views : 3,748 | Posted on 06/06/2012

One Goofy Boston Terrier

Get ready to see the herp-derpiest puppy in the world! This is bound to make you smile.

Puppies | Views : 4,931 | Posted on 06/05/2012

One Kitten, One Cup

To be super adorable, all this kitten has to do is hang out in a cup. What an easy life!

Kittens | Views : 3,021 | Posted on 06/05/2012

Prairie Dog Baby Loves His Cat Mommy

This is the cutest furball family we have ever seen! This cat loves to hang out with her baby prairie dogs... and we're glad she does, because this is SO cute!

Kittens | Views : 4,997 | Posted on 06/04/2012

A Parrot and a German Shepherd Play Together

Every now and then, we all make strange friends. Take these two for example... you would never think that a parrot and a German Shepherd would get along!

Puppies | Views : 2,690 | Posted on 06/04/2012

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