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One Bulldog Who Loves the Trampoline

You might not think that a bulldog would like jumping and frolicking on a trampoline... but this one definitely does. Just look at him go!

Puppies | Views : 5,604 | Posted on 09/19/2012

1 Dog and 2 Lions Make One Awesome Friendship

We're not sure if this would be called a dog pile or lion pile... but either way, it's one of the cutest things we've ever seen!

Animals | Views : 3,541 | Posted on 09/19/2012

2 Kitten Brothers Snuggle With Each Other

You can just feel the warm and affection between these two kitten brothers snuggled up. You'll wish you were there, too!

Kittens | Views : 2,934 | Posted on 09/14/2012

Slow Loris Eats a Grape - So Darling!

This slow loris slowly eats a grape... and it will bring a smile to your face. What a darling!

Animals | Views : 5,250 | Posted on 09/13/2012

Super Kittens!

Nothing will make you smile more than adorable kittens wearing capes. Unless they are jumping around in slow motion. :)

Kittens | Views : 3,152 | Posted on 09/10/2012

An Unusual Love Story

This juvenile elephant seal stumbled across a girl on the beach - and fell in love with her. What a curious little guy!

Animals | Views : 4,374 | Posted on 09/10/2012

Cute Tiger Cub Plays in a Living Room

Watching a tiger and puppy play might be the greatest combination EVER. So sweet!

Puppies | Views : 4,449 | Posted on 09/07/2012

Adorable Owl Gets Some Love

This little guy is so sweet - and loves his getting his head rubbed so much. :) Not many people realize owls can be so cute!

Animals | Views : 3,519 | Posted on 09/07/2012

Sassy Dachshund Puppy Doesn't Want to Listen

Sometimes puppies are strong willed and don't want to listen to their owner... but we don't mind. This puppy is still adorable!

Puppies | Views : 4,427 | Posted on 09/05/2012

Adorable Kitten Has a Nap With Her Favorite Toy

If you love cute kittens, then this will blow your mind. :) This little girl is so cute!

Kittens | Views : 2,806 | Posted on 09/04/2012

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