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Cute Bulldog Plays With a Butterfly

Being adorable just comes naturally to this white bulldog - aww! How sweet!

Puppies | Views : 3,640 | Posted on 09/04/2012

Happy Puppy Can't Contain Her Excitement

Nothing could make this little dog happier than its owner coming home - just watch!

Puppies | Views : 4,377 | Posted on 09/04/2012

Cute Baby LOVES What This Cat is Doing

When this cat gets a treat... this baby absolutely loves it! He simply cannot get enough of watching his kitty being fed. Aw!

Kittens | Views : 4,037 | Posted on 09/03/2012

One Zoo Has a Talking Otter!

We are pretty sure this otter just told the camera woman that she loved her... what do you think? :P

Animals | Views : 2,496 | Posted on 09/03/2012

Happiest Dog in the World Welcomes Home His Owner

This might be simple, every day kind of joy... but that doesn't make it any less adorable! We love this and so will you!

Puppies | Views : 2,921 | Posted on 09/02/2012

Baby Duck Gives His Fish Friends Some Food

The kindness of strangers is always heartwarming to see... especially when it's an animal being kind. This is too cute!

Animals | Views : 4,301 | Posted on 09/01/2012

Happy Kangaroo Gives His Best Friend a Hug

You don't often see kangaroos and dogs hanging out, but when you do, they are usually hugging. Lol!

Puppies | Views : 3,246 | Posted on 09/01/2012

Happy Dog Loves to Eat a Weird Treat - Corn!

Some dogs like treats and some dogs like bones... but this dog just can't get enough of corn! It might sound a little weird, but he loves it!

Puppies | Views : 2,950 | Posted on 08/31/2012

Adorable Dog Sounds Like a Grumpy Man When He Wants a Treat

When this Alaskan Malamute wants a treat, he sounds like a grumpy old man! It's so cute, we bet that he gets treats ALL of the time. :)

Puppies | Views : 3,898 | Posted on 08/31/2012

What the Happiest Duck in the World Does After a Treat

We could watch this all day - that's how good it is! This happy duck does something awesome after getting a treat, just watch. :)

Animals | Views : 3,321 | Posted on 08/29/2012

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