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Baby and Husky Have a Deep Conversation

We aren't sure what these two were saying, but we think these best friends were having a great conversation. :) Just check it out!

Puppies | Views : 5,597 | Posted on 07/13/2012

A Precious Kitten Just Wants a Hug

When a kitten is THIS cute, it's so hard to resist. :) We wish we could find this little fella and give him a BIG hug!

Kittens | Views : 2,920 | Posted on 07/11/2012

Dog Laughs in His Sleep

This laughing dog is guaranteed to make you grin. We have no idea what he was dreaming about, but it must have been a good one!

Puppies | Views : 5,609 | Posted on 07/11/2012

Meet Anakin - a Kitten With Two Legs

Anakin, a brave little kitten, was born without his two back legs. But that doesn't stop him from living life to the fullest!

Kittens | Views : 4,705 | Posted on 07/09/2012

This Happy Fox Loves to Get Rubbed

We have never seen a fox so happy to cuddle with a human... this is truly a uniquely adorable situation! You have to check it out.

Animals | Views : 3,466 | Posted on 07/09/2012

Bear Cubs Form a Cuteness Conga Line

Rare animal fact - when you put three or more bear cubs together, they form a conga line of cuteness. That's just how Mother Nature rolls!

Animals | Views : 2,743 | Posted on 07/09/2012

A Sleepy Parrot Takes a Nap on a Computer

And you thought falling asleep on computers was just for cats. :)

Animals | Views : 2,914 | Posted on 07/09/2012

The Kitten That Just Loved Broccoli

Very few children like eating broccoli... and almost NO kittens love it. Except for this little guy!

Kittens | Views : 3,309 | Posted on 07/09/2012

Cute Doberman Loves Playing Hide and Seek

Dobermans may look like fierce dogs... but they are just puppies at heart! Watching this one play with his master will bring a smile to your face. :)

Puppies | Views : 3,854 | Posted on 07/09/2012

Abbey Loves Car Rides

This enthusiastic dog is torn between enjoying a car ride... and wanting to chase every car she sees! LOL.

Puppies | Views : 2,497 | Posted on 07/08/2012

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