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Adorable Twin Babies Pretend to Sneeze Like Daddy

When these babies hear their daddy sneeze, they think it's so funny that they want to do it, too! You'll absolutely love it.

Kids | Views : 9,353 | Posted on 10/02/2012

Baby Says His First Word and His Mom Goes Insane

We aren't too sure who is more excited ... the baby or the mom! You have to check out this mom's insane reaction. :)

Kids | Views : 3,072 | Posted on 06/16/2012

Baby Loves Giving Goats Hugs

What an affection little stinker! ... just don't tell this little guy that those aren't dogs. :)

Kids | Views : 4,132 | Posted on 05/24/2012

Baby Won't Say Dad is Her Favorite Parent

All parents want to be the favorite... but sometimes that just isn't the case, hehe! :)

Kids | Views : 6,886 | Posted on 05/20/2012

Cute Little Girl Cannot Say Banana

We almost don't want the dad to teach her the right way to say it... this is just TOO CUTE!

Kids | Views : 26,013 | Posted on 04/23/2012

An Adorable French Girl Tells a Fairy Tale

Kids say the craziest things... and this little French girl tells the cutest (and craziest!) fairy tale I have ever heard. So adorable!

Kids | Views : 5,317 | Posted on 02/29/2012

Excited Baby is Happy to Play Soldier with His Dad

Ah, the joy of being young enough to where your dad can use you as a toy. :)

Kids | Views : 3,295 | Posted on 01/10/2012

Little Kid Tries to Conduct an Orchestra

You gotta love this little kid's passion, even if the skill is lacking. ;)

Kids | Views : 4,779 | Posted on 12/06/2010

Laughing Baby Plays With His Best Friend

There is no question why dogs are called Man's Best Friend! =)

Kids | Views : 5,390 | Posted on 12/03/2010

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