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Curious Kitten Plays for the First Time

An owner tries to play with his kitten for the very first time... and the kitty isn't quite sure what to do. So cute!

Kittens | Views : 10,775 | Posted on 10/06/2012

Amazingly Unique Cat Uses a Fork to Eat

Cats are smart, but most cats aren't smart enough to use utensils when they eat! Now this is a feline you could feel comfortable inviting to dinner.

Kittens | Views : 11,272 | Posted on 10/04/2012

Adorable Kitten Pounces the Camera

Watching this little girl act all kittenish and attack the camera will cheer anyone up! :)

Kittens | Views : 7,620 | Posted on 10/04/2012

Meet the World's Grumpiest Cat!

This kitty is special... but even though he looks like a grumpy old man, he is still loved. In fact, he might be even cuter than a normal cat!

Kittens | Views : 5,461 | Posted on 09/26/2012

Affectionate Cat REALLY Wants to Cuddle

When this cat wants a cuddle session, absolutely nothing will stop it. Not even her owner wearing a thick pair of glasses!

Kittens | Views : 3,887 | Posted on 09/25/2012

Pile of Cute Kittens Play Together

Cuteness overload! The precious kittens in this litter love each other very much and love to snuggle - but they also love to play. So sweet.

Kittens | Views : 2,710 | Posted on 09/22/2012

2 Adorable Kittens Snuggle Up Together

You can never watch too many videos of adorable kittens cuddling with each other! These two young ones snuggling up will melt your heart.

Kittens | Views : 2,707 | Posted on 09/19/2012

2 Kitten Brothers Snuggle With Each Other

You can just feel the warm and affection between these two kitten brothers snuggled up. You'll wish you were there, too!

Kittens | Views : 2,934 | Posted on 09/14/2012

Super Kittens!

Nothing will make you smile more than adorable kittens wearing capes. Unless they are jumping around in slow motion. :)

Kittens | Views : 3,152 | Posted on 09/10/2012

Adorable Kitten Has a Nap With Her Favorite Toy

If you love cute kittens, then this will blow your mind. :) This little girl is so cute!

Kittens | Views : 2,806 | Posted on 09/04/2012

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