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Cute Beagle Puppy Tries to be Fierce

A tiny, floppy-eared beagle puppy REALLY wanted to howl and growl... but didn't quite have the set of lungs for it yet. Check out his sweet attempts, it'll make you smile!

Puppies | Views : 11,460 | Posted on 02/08/2013

Confused Dog Watches Himself on a Computer

When this dog sees himself on a computer, he can't help but give the cutest head tilt! This by far the cutest bewildered puppy we have ever seen.

Puppies | Views : 5,857 | Posted on 10/02/2012

What a Happy Corgi Does a Dog Park

If your'e in a bad mood, then all you need to do is watch a video of a Corgi. They are so happy and care free - it's contagious!

Puppies | Views : 3,084 | Posted on 09/27/2012

An Adorable Pit Bull Puppy's First Day at the Park

This little sweetheart is spending her first day at the dog park. And although everything is new, you can tell she loves it!

Puppies | Views : 3,859 | Posted on 09/26/2012

This Dog Loves to Roll Over... And Over!

Nothing makes this pooch happier than rolling over for his owners... over and over again. :) What a goof!

Puppies | Views : 2,632 | Posted on 09/25/2012

A Bulldog and His Box

Even though people told this bulldog he was too big for this box, he just wouldn't listen. What a touching love story!

Puppies | Views : 4,722 | Posted on 09/24/2012

One Bulldog Who Loves the Trampoline

You might not think that a bulldog would like jumping and frolicking on a trampoline... but this one definitely does. Just look at him go!

Puppies | Views : 5,604 | Posted on 09/19/2012

Cute Tiger Cub Plays in a Living Room

Watching a tiger and puppy play might be the greatest combination EVER. So sweet!

Puppies | Views : 4,449 | Posted on 09/07/2012

Sassy Dachshund Puppy Doesn't Want to Listen

Sometimes puppies are strong willed and don't want to listen to their owner... but we don't mind. This puppy is still adorable!

Puppies | Views : 4,427 | Posted on 09/05/2012

Cute Bulldog Plays With a Butterfly

Being adorable just comes naturally to this white bulldog - aww! How sweet!

Puppies | Views : 3,640 | Posted on 09/04/2012

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