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Wild Bear Cubs Frolic in the Road

It would be so hard not to approach these little bear cubs and give them some food to eat. The campers who took the video were very lucky to see them!

Category: Animals | Views : 3,415 | Comments (1) | 11/04/2011

Don't Let This Cute Kitty Steal Your Heart

After you watch this video, you'll want to go out and buy a little fuzzball of your own!!! <3

Category: Kittens | Views : 4,529 | Comments (0) | 04/11/2011

This Kitty Just Doesn't Care

It's summer. It's hot. Don't bother kitty!

Category: Kittens | Views : 5,228 | Comments (1) | 06/17/2011

This Cat Loves to Be Vaccuumed

I would say that this is strange.... but it DOES look like it would feel pretty good. :)

Category: Kittens | Views : 3,394 | Comments (0) | 07/04/2011

Unbelievable Best Friends - You'll Love These Two!

True friends come in all shapes and sizes... and species. :)

Category: Puppies | Views : 3,765 | Comments (0) | 11/28/2011

Heart-melting Kitten Plays With a Feather

This munchkin kitten defines the word 'precious.' Big eyes, fluffy fur and little legs? Adorbs!

Category: Kittens | Views : 3,741 | Comments (0) | 11/17/2011

This Cat is REALLY Good a Gambling

I wonder if this kitty is good at blackjack, too? Because he is absolutely awesome at the 'guess which hand' game!

Category: Kittens | Views : 3,265 | Comments (0) | 01/26/2012

A Fluffy Corgi Puppy Takes a Run in the Park

It is literally impossible to not smile when you watch this video; this puppy's happy attitude is contagious!!

Category: Puppies | Views : 3,429 | Comments (1) | 12/03/2011

Drowning Goat Gets Rescued by a Helpful Pig

This is one unique animal rescue video - one that you won't forget. When a goat was drowning at a zoo because it's leg was stuck, a helpful pig came to the rescue!

Category: Animals | Views : 7,674 | Comments (0) | 10/03/2012

Kitten Gives Its Mother a BIG Surprise

This kitten knows you're supposed to love, respect... and scare the crap out of your own mother as often as possible!

Category: Kittens | Views : 4,305 | Comments (0) | 12/15/2011

Tiny Bird Loves Playing With His Cat Friend

This unique friendship should make you smile... I just wish my pets would get along this nicely!

Category: Kittens | Views : 3,603 | Comments (0) | 04/06/2012

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