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Hero Fireman Rescues Koala

Never have I seen an animal say THANK YOU so clearly before!

Category: Animals | Views : 4,710 | Comments (1) | 02/02/2011

Happiest Corgi Ever Spends a Day at the Waterpark

Corgis are usually positive dogs - but this one is insanely happy to be spending his day at a waterpark! :)

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,256 | Comments (0) | 08/09/2012

Slow Loris Eats a Grape - So Darling!

This slow loris slowly eats a grape... and it will bring a smile to your face. What a darling!

Category: Animals | Views : 5,150 | Comments (0) | 09/13/2012

A Cat That Does Tricks - WOW

I never realized that cats were smart enough to do tricks! This little Bengal cat is so awesome.

Category: Kittens | Views : 5,874 | Comments (1) | 06/22/2011

How to Wrap a Christmas Dog :)

It might take some trial and error, but wrapping up a puppy is no different than wrapping up a kitty. Except the dog won't get mad at you. :)

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,040 | Comments (0) | 12/23/2010

Tiny Mini Piglet Wants Some of Your Attention

Not feeling warm and fuzzy after seeing this mini piglet is absolutely impossible. Not only are pigs smart, but they are adorable, too!

Category: Animals | Views : 4,618 | Comments (0) | 02/23/2012

Adorable Baby Elephant Taking a Bath - So Cute!

Even animals need to cool off on a hot day... and this baby elephant taking a nice, cold bath is the cutest thing ever. You should check it out!

Category: Animals | Views : 4,547 | Comments (0) | 08/23/2012

Why You Should Buy Your Dog a Trampoline

If you never buy your dog a trampoline, you'll never get to see them have THIS much fun! This Boston Terrier absolutely loves it!

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,072 | Comments (0) | 08/13/2012

Three Happy Dogs Welcome Home Their Soldier Daddy

The love of a dog is unconditional, joyful and eternal... and the love of three dogs is even better. This guy just got the best surprise of his life when he returned home on leave!!

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,564 | Comments (0) | 07/22/2012

Wild Baby Deer Grooms a Housecat

I knew that fawns and cats were adorable on their own... but who knew that they could break every Cute Law of Physics by being THIS cute together?

Category: Kittens | Views : 5,526 | Comments (0) | 12/29/2011

Loving Pitbull Cleans a Baby Rabbit

This baby rabbit is getting the best bath of his life from the most gentle giant I have ever seen... what a lucky little guy! :)

Category: Puppies | Views : 5,554 | Comments (2) | 12/19/2011

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