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Happiest Dog in the World Welcomes Home His Owner

This might be simple, every day kind of joy... but that doesn't make it any less adorable! We love this and so will you!

Category: Puppies | Views : 2,778 | Comments (0) | 09/02/2012

Puppies Having a Ball Pit Party

The only thing that could make puppies better is a ball bit. :)

Category: Puppies | Views : 3,413 | Comments (0) | 01/05/2012

Baby Skunk Just Wants a Friend

Even though this skunk looks like a little stinker... all he wants to do is cuddle and be friends!

Category: Puppies | Views : 5,044 | Comments (0) | 12/06/2011

Capybaras Talking in Their Beautiful Language

I might not understand what these Capybaras are saying... I just know that these large rodents have absolutely beautiful voices.

Category: Animals | Views : 3,418 | Comments (0) | 12/06/2011

Baby Kitty in a Tiny Hat Gets a Surprise

I see sibling rivalry is alive and well. :)

Category: Kittens | Views : 3,208 | Comments (0) | 01/18/2011

Cute Pomeranian Puppy Plays in His Yard

What a cute little teddy bear of a Pomeranian! If only I could adopt him - heck, he even comes with his own yard, lol!

Category: Puppies | Views : 2,809 | Comments (0) | 09/29/2011

Excited Yorkie Can't Stop Jumping!

You won't believe what is making this joyful little Yorkie so happy. :) So click to watch the video and get ready to be filled with warm fuzzies!

Category: Puppies | Views : 6,415 | Comments (0) | 03/03/2012

A Baby Otter Gets Swimming Lessons

The relationship between a mother and child is special, even in the animal kingdom. Watch as this careful momma otter teaches her baby how to swim!

Category: Animals | Views : 4,104 | Comments (0) | 11/21/2011

An Unusual Love Story

This juvenile elephant seal stumbled across a girl on the beach - and fell in love with her. What a curious little guy!

Category: Animals | Views : 4,202 | Comments (0) | 09/10/2012

Itty Bitty Shih Tzu Braves the Snowy Wilderness

Well, in all fairness, there was 12 inches of snow!

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,047 | Comments (1) | 12/05/2010

An Extremely Tiny Kitten Tries to Meow

This little tyke doesn't have the hang of this yet, but sooner or later it will. <3 What a tiny little thing!

Category: Kittens | Views : 5,026 | Comments (0) | 08/31/2011

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