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A Happy Chinchilla is a Rubbed Chinchilla

These furballs are so soft, who wouldn't want to give one a five-star massage???

Category: Animals | Views : 3,721 | Comments (0) | 05/12/2011

Roly Poly English Bulldog Puppies for Your Enjoyment

Nothing lowers your blood pressure and improves your mood like a bunch of puppies. It's even better when they are happy, smiling English bulldog puppies. You have to see these guys. :)

Category: Puppies | Views : 2,871 | Comments (0) | 07/19/2012

Rottweiler Puppy Has The Cutest Hiccups!!

I think this sweet puppy needs a drink of water or something - these hiccups are just precious!

Category: Puppies | Views : 3,762 | Comments (0) | 07/20/2011

This Blind Dog Can Fetch - WOW

Talk about amazing... this blind dog can do anything a normal dog can do. What an amazing pup!

Category: Puppies | Views : 3,290 | Comments (0) | 07/09/2011

Red Pandas Just Couldn't Get Any Cuter!

I don't care that they're not REALLY pandas, these little guys are still adorable!

Category: Animals | Views : 4,870 | Comments (1) | 12/23/2010

Small Kitten Cleans Itself After Getting a Bath

It's hard to pick which part of this video is the best - the tiny pink tongue, the kitten's unsteadiness or its messed up fur from the bath. ;)

Category: Kittens | Views : 2,665 | Comments (0) | 10/12/2011

An Irish Wolfhound Welcomes Home His Master

This reunion video is adorable. Not just because this dog and his master are happy to see each other... but because the dog in question is HUGE. You have to see this!

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,607 | Comments (0) | 06/25/2012

Puppy Gets His Toy Stolen By a Super Stealthy Cat

... wow, well none of us were expecting THAT surprise. :)

Category: Kittens | Views : 4,409 | Comments (0) | 12/21/2011

How a Small Kitty Tucks Himself In

This is the cutest bed time ritual I've ever seen... if only he had a little cap and a glass of warm milk to go with this cute routine!!!

Category: Kittens | Views : 5,823 | Comments (1) | 08/08/2011

Slow Loris Eats a Grape - So Darling!

This slow loris slowly eats a grape... and it will bring a smile to your face. What a darling!

Category: Animals | Views : 5,116 | Comments (0) | 09/13/2012

One of the Smartest Dogs You Will Ever See

Not only does this dog patiently wait to eat, but she sits down at a special chair and puts her tray in front of her... smart dog, Bella!

Category: Puppies | Views : 5,559 | Comments (4) | 12/16/2011

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