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Boxer Puppies Are REALLY Trying to Stay Awake

These poor little pups just want to sleep, but for some reason they can't quite get there!!!

Category: Puppies | Views : 4,215 | Comments (1) | 04/25/2011

Two Polar Bear Cubs See Light for the First Time

For the first part of their lives, these cubs lived in darkness... and now that they have finally seen sunlight, they know how to have some FUN!

Category: Animals | Views : 2,592 | Comments (0) | 08/02/2012

What Scared This Kitten So Much?!

Oh that's right - it's own cute little face. What a goon!!

Category: Kittens | Views : 3,651 | Comments (0) | 09/03/2011

Playing with a Happy Baby Goat

There is something about baby goats that just make us smile from ear to ear... you're going to love this little girl!

Category: Animals | Views : 2,774 | Comments (0) | 06/03/2012

One of the Smartest Dogs You Will Ever See

Not only does this dog patiently wait to eat, but she sits down at a special chair and puts her tray in front of her... smart dog, Bella!

Category: Puppies | Views : 5,436 | Comments (4) | 12/16/2011

Kitty Cat Loves to Bathe

Seen here: a stereotype being demolished.

Category: Kittens | Views : 7,195 | Comments (1) | 01/06/2011

Bionic Cat Has a New Chance at Life

This is a sweet, must see video. Unless you don't like heartwarming stories. Or androids.

Category: Kittens | Views : 4,342 | Comments (0) | 01/24/2011

Talented Dog Plays a Tune on the Piano

He ain't nothing but a hound dog... that can play the piano! =)

Category: Puppies | Views : 3,280 | Comments (0) | 03/05/2012

Tiny Kitties Want to Get Fed!

If one does this it's cute. When 20 do it, it's a little scary.

Category: Kittens | Views : 5,353 | Comments (2) | 01/02/2011

This Lion Can't Stop Burping

HMM, I think he had one too many zebras for lunch!

Category: Animals | Views : 3,500 | Comments (0) | 01/06/2011

Maru Meets Himself in the Mirror

Maru is one of the cutest, most inquisitive cats on the internet! So when he discovered himself in the mirror...cuteness ensued. :)

Category: Kittens | Views : 4,892 | Comments (1) | 12/17/2011

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